13 Best Side Hustle Apps to Make Extra Money

13 Best Side Hustle Apps to Make Extra Money

Side hustles have been rising in popularity for years and it’s easy to see why. Earning extra cash on your own schedule can be very empowering, while also helping to relieve financial stress or make it easier to save for exciting goals like travel. 

If you’re looking to get your side hustle on, consider checking out one of these great side hustle apps. With an app, you can easily manage your side hustle from anywhere and pick up some extra work (and cash) on the go.

13 Best Side Hustle Apps

Whether you’re a dog lover, are super handy, or know how to take amazing photos, we think you’ll find a side hustle app that will work for you from the list below. Let’s get started.

1. Surveys on the Go

Do you have opinions? Of course you do! So why not make a penny for your thoughts? With Surveys on the Go, an app that serves as a mobile market research tool, you get paid simply for completing surveys. Get ready to share your opinions on products, shopping, entertainment, sports, media, and technology, and make some money while you do it. You can make cash from your efforts or can apply your earnings to gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon or Starbucks. 

Completing surveys is an easy first step into the side hustle world as you don’t need to invest any time or money to get started. You also don’t need to develop a specialty and can answer surveys from the comfort of your own couch while catching up on your favorite Netflix shows. 

2. Swagbucks

Similar to Surveys on the Go, Swagbucks is a super easy side hustle app to make money on. To earn cash or gift cards, all you have to do is simple tasks like watching videos, surfing the web, and taking surveys. Convenient, quick, and totally stress-free. 

3. Airbnb

If you have a second property or extra space in your home, like a guest house or even a guest bedroom, you can rent out your space on apps like Airbnb. Renting out unused space in your home or at one of your properties is an easy way to make extra income without having to put much effort in. Set a price you’re happy with and wait for offers to come in. Before you get started, just make sure your city and your homeowners association allow renting out your property or you could incur a fine and some angry neighbors.

4. Instacart

In 2020, Instacart became more popular than ever for consumers who wanted to avoid visiting physical stores to get their groceries and other essential supplies. This handy app allows side hustlers to either shop for groceries and deliver them to customers or prepare customers’ orders for pickup. These services are in high demand and it’s safe to assume customers who appreciated the convenience of this app will keep using it in the future. 

5. Uber or Lyft

As far as ridesharing goes, Uber and Lyft have become almost synonymous due to offering nearly identical services for consumers and very similar side hustle experiences for drivers. There are other rideshare apps on the market, but these two are still the most popular options for people looking to make some extra money on their schedule. 

6. TaskRabbit

Those who are veterans of the side hustle game will likely know all about TaskRabbit. This side hustle app has been around for years and is super popular with both side hustlers and consumers. 

If you have a valuable skill or don’t mind taking on tasks that other people hate (aka assembling Ikea furniture) you’ll easily find work on this app. You can run errands, move boxes, complete home DIY projects, help cultivate a garden, and so much more. Offer up services you enjoy doing and you’ll have fun while getting your tasks done. 

7. Handy

Similar to TaskRabbit, Handy allows you to offer task-based services but more specifically in a home or office, such as cleaning, doing handyman work, assembling furniture, or even hanging art or shelves. 

8. Rover

Dog lovers will likely jump at the chance to get paid to play with some friendly pups. Basically, any service related to helping out dog owners can be arranged on the Rover app. From dog walking to pet sitting to grooming to hosting pups for overnight visits, Rover does it all. Sign up and start making money to hang out with man’s best friend. 

9.  Poshmark

Poshmark is a resale app that allows you to upload photos and descriptions of clothing and accessories and sell them directly through the app. There are small fees associated with selling on the platform, but you get to set your price. Selling used clothing (think: that bridesmaid dress you’ll never wear again) is super popular on Poshmark, but there is room to get creative. If you love to hunt through thrift stores for designer duds or enjoy curating a chic vintage collection, you can sell your finds on the app.

10. Foap

Whether you’re in the photography business or enjoy it as a hobby, Foap is an app that allows you to upload your photos and videos to sell. Foap takes a hefty 50% of the profit but provides you with a platform and a built-in audience. You can even bid for projects with brands looking for specific creative assets. Have fun with this app and upload some of your favorite videos and photos and wait for the money to roll in. 

11. Lucktastic

This side hustle app may sound too good to be true, but it’s a legitimate way to earn money and have some fun at the same time. The way Lucktastic works is like this: The app allows you to play lottery-type games for free. You can win money, but again you don’t need to pay any money to play. The only catch? You have to watch ads each time you play, but there are opportunities to win big and have fun. 

12. Fiverr

For those looking to take their side hustle in a more skill-centric direction, consider advertising your professional services on Fiverr. This platform specializes in connecting professionals with valuable skills such as graphic design, writing, and animation with customers looking for help in those areas. When building out your fees, take into account that Fiverr takes a 20% commission. Once you’ve built up your customer base on the app and a solid reputation, don’t be afraid to raise your prices. 

13. Postmates, Uber Eats, or DoorDash

If you like the idea of getting out of the house and making some quick deliveries, consider joining food delivery service apps like Postmates, Uber Eats, or DoorDash. All of these food delivery apps allow you to accept gigs where you pick up customers’ orders from the restaurant and deliver them to their door. Especially as restaurant dine-in services are on hold or less desirable, more and more people are opting for takeout.

The Bottom Line

Finding the right side hustle that leverages your skills and interests while fitting into your schedule can take some trial and error, but these side hustle apps make it as easy as possible. Instead of scrolling Instagram for the hundredth time, you can open your side hustle app and make some easy money. From there, you can build your side hustle into a more lucrative endeavor.

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